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WHY  to choose our PANFORTE

-   durable, shelf life 6 month stored in a room temperature
-    price that meet budget for gift and cake under 27 CAD
-    8 servings in one panforte cake
-    safe time because it’s fully prepared, and easy to serve
-    delicious, healthy, all natural
-    fully vegetarian
-    high nutritional value because of the proteins, good fat from natural nuts (at least 20% of total product mass) and much needed natural source of potassium from nuts and fruits
-    sweetened with Canadian honey and organic cane sugar
-    free of preservatives, artificial colours & flavours, dairy, and eggs
-    flavoured with natural aromatic vegetable substances, e.g. paprika, cloves, pepper, coriander, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon
-    supporting production of Ontario local honey and fruits
-    environmentally friendly, minimalistic packaging, all recyclable
-    handmade in small batches in the local certified kitchen
-    artistic labels made by a local artist
-    preserve Mediterranean receipts and cooking traditions

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